My name is Randy Mintz and the owner of Randy Mintz Photography, located in Grifton , NC.  I am an aspiring professional photographer currently seeking certification with the Professional Photographers of America.  I believe that with any craft, education and practice are fundamental elements for advancement.  With this is mind I am always seeking new opportunities to grow as a photographer.  I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America and the North Carolina Professional Photographers Association.  

     I have always enjoyed photography and endeavor to develop my own unique style while increasing my knowledge and skill.  I have had the opportunity to study and practice under some incredible photographers including Zsuzanna Putztai, Lorenzo Mittiga, Dave Goldman, and C.J. Duncan.

     I feel that every photograph I take is like capturing a small unique moment in time.  A photograph should have a certain energy that catches the viewers interest and imagination, whether that moment is a portrait, landscape, nature, wildlife, or underwater scene.  


Thank you for visiting my web site.

Randy Tatum-Mintz